Journey to Costa Rica

All summer long, we played around with ideas of where we could travel for our annual New Year’s trip. Our parameters were as follows:

  • Must be reachable via a direct/non-stop flight
  • Must be warm and tropical (we did cold weather last year – London and Paris)
  • Must be able to book a hotel for a week or less (tough to find south of the US during the holidays)
  • Given time constraints (and the aforementioned weather requirements), most of Europe was out of consideration

So, when I stumbled upon the Westin Playa Conchal in Costa Rica and the hotel and location met all of our trip requirements, we immediately made reservations for our trip. John and I visited Costa Rica for New Years in 2008, so we knew how magical a time we could have there. We also knew a trip like this could, and would, be kid-friendly.

Considering the fact that we aren’t in our new house yet, I believe we made a good decision when we decided to make the journey to Costa Rica. Hotel living has been manageable, but we really needed some R&R and some time to do nothing at all. I also think we needed to step away from the new house visiting, planing and stressing for a few days.

We were in Costa Rica from December 28th (Monday) – January 2nd (Saturday) and I hope to post about our trip in the coming days. Because I accidentally packed my nice camera during our move and couldn’t locate it before we left, I had to rely on my iPhone for pictures. Oh well, it does take some pretty nice photos.

We had a fabulous time in Costa Rica and I can’t wait to share our adventures with you.

beach fam

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