Goals for 2016

2016 promises to be an exciting and fulfilling year. I am an avid goal-setter and have set many personal, professional, spiritual and wellness goals for the new year. In the spirit of holding myself accountable, here are 10 of my goals for 2016…


  • Run 2016 miles in 2016. This is a bit ambitious, but I’m making it a stretch goal anyway. I don’t plan on running or training for a half marathon this year, but I will have to be aggressive with my running in order to get close to achieving this goal.
  • Cardio 3x per week (45 minutes per session). I usually exercise more than this, but my schedule and work commitments are expected to reach an all time high at many points throughout the year. Therefore, setting this goal will help keep exercise manageable.
  • Eat Well when traveling for Work. When my travel schedule gets complicated, sometimes healthy eating becomes an impossible chore and logistical nightmare. When it’s your role to entertain others, eating healthy is the least interesting way to “do your job.” And, when you’ve been sitting in a legislative hearing for hours on end in a State Capitol in a state far away, whatever you can find in your work bag (or nearby vending machine) may be your best hope at a meal. I pledge to be more mindful of what I eat when I’m on the road and to plan ahead for snacks/meals as much as I can.


  • No phones at the Dinner Table. This is going to be a must at my house. It may change our lives!
  • Save more Money. We max out our 401ks and have been since we both began working “real jobs” (basically 1999). We also save more than 25% of our annual income and also have savings for travel, emergencies, house maintenance and, of course, George’s education. Even still, you can never save enough, so we plan to bump this up a bit in 2016. The longer I am an adult the more I realize that expenses pop up at the most inopportune time.
  • Cleanse and Declutter. Repeat. Enough said. We are keeping clutter out of our closets, shed, pantries, email, etc.
  • Make Contour our Home. We will officially move into our “new” home this year and we will need to spend some time and effort to make it our own.
  • More Dates. John and I need to make more time for ourselves, so we plan to have at least two dates per month. It seems like such a small goal, but our scheduling always makes these types of goals difficult
  • More Travel. As wanderlusts, we always want to explore our world. Hopefully we will have a few adventures in 2016. I’d love to visit at least one “new to me” destination in 2016 and wouldn’t mind visiting a few old locales.
  • Better Parenting. I am not perfect and I always strive to be a better mother to George. I have a wonderful mother and mother-in-law to look towards as examples, along with many terrific friends who are incredible mothers. This year I pledge to be more attune to my growth as a parent.

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