Week Twenty One Remodel Update: December 21-27

Progress: The crew is still making great progress on the floor. As I mentioned last week, the tile we chose is difficult to install because of its size (32 x 32) and the type of grout that we are using (epoxy). In addition to the second floor (complete), we now have floor tile in the dining room (complete), kitchen (complete), breakfast room (complete), master bath and bedroom (complete) and we are now at the halfway point with tile in the living/family room.

LR 2


The crew spent the majority of the week continuing to prep the downstairs for painting. The kitchen cabinets got an interior coating and gloss and will get a few more coats next week.

kitchen gloss

The fridge and freezer are finally in their new home.  These are SubZero appliances that the previous owners left behind and I love seeing them in the new kitchen. I will love them more, when they are cleaned and the grills are put in place.


The main project of the moment is the work on the stairs.  The new stair and rail work has officially commenced and they just started by inserting the rail posts and rebuilding the treads and risers. So exciting.


The guys also did a lot of work upstairs. We now have a completely renovated utility room with a new washer and dryer, counter-top and sink area.


To celebrate (ha!), I organized all of the cleaning and household items that we will be storing up there. I need to install an organizer and a few organizational items before the room is completely “done.” I hope to do that work soon.


The painters also painted George’s accent wall in his room and hung his new window treatment. With just a few more “to-dos” in his closet, George’s room is almost done.

accent wall

G room

The painters also tackled some touch ups in the guest bedroom and hung the new window treatments and the old curtains from my office. Our new bed, mattress and linens have arrived, so I hope to set those up in the guest bedroom soon.


The crew also installed new lights in our Jack and Jill bathroom and installed the new pulls on all of the cabinets and closets in there.

Also, I am excited to share that I approved the concept for our kitchen cabinets. Since I am going for a sleek, high-gloss look, the sample they provided for me really meets our expectations. Now, while the cabinet fronts are ordered, we will work on nailing the exact color that we want.

cab door

We also working on a new project to get our master closets (3 of them) and master bathroom closet and vanity completed soon. More on that later.


Details: There are a lot of details and decisions that still need to be made, and we are trying our best to make them in a deliberate and thoughtful way.

Purchases: Lamp and bedside table for the guest bedroom and new faucets for the Jack and Jill bathroom. We also bought a new couch this week. So exciting!


Challenges: Time — there still isn’t enough. Our home is still packed and in storage and our home still isn’t quite livable yet. This is a very stressful situation, but we are making it work. And we are getting closer to the “end.”

Wins: We are still living the dream and realize how fortunate we are. We have much to be thankful for this year.

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