Christmas 2015

Sleeping at my parents’ house has always been so dreamy. For a variety of reasons, I always sleep well there and Christmas Eve was no different. George and I slept until 7:30 AM. John was an early riser, as usual. Regardless, it sure was nice to wake up in a non-hotel setting…and with family, no less.

25 tree

George was excited to open presents from Santa, so we made a mad dash to the living room for present time. Fortunately, Santa found us and left some wonderful gifts for G this year.

25 g bag

The highlight toys included any and all TRUCKS. This kid is totally into trucks these days.

25 g open presents

After G opened his gifts from Santa, we were treated to a home cooked breakfast. This was especially luxuriously as I haven’t cooked anything since December 11th. My Mom made breakfast tacos and they were to die for. I mean, what is better than homemade tortillas made by your mother? Afterwards, we exchanged gifts with my parents and each other. My parents obviously got the memo because George got more TRUCKS.

25 g open presents 2

25 g with mom

We went to Christmas mass at the church I attended as a child (my parents are still parishioners) and came back just in time to have a light lunch with my parents and the Rosenbergs. My parents had all sorts of party snacks, plus leftovers from Christmas Eve (tamales, beans and rice) at the ready. George also had plenty of times to play with his new trucks.

g with trucks

Later, the Hunters arrived while G was napping, giving me the perfect opportunity to hold my niece and nephew.

with olivia

Julie also got in on twin snuggle time.

julie with el

Once G was up, we had another round of present exchanging and opening. I have a very generous family, but it is always more fun to watch them open gifts I have picked out for them.

My Mom made a delicious dinner, complete with a ham, scalloped potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole and bread. We are so very spoiled.


I am so lucky to have generous, lovable and kind family and the greatest part of our day was spending time with them. Truly. It was especially fun to see the kids interacting.

cousins Collage

I hope you and yours had a great holiday too!

with g

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