Week Nineteen Remodel Update: December 7-13

Progress: Well, this might just be the week that the wheels fell off the bus. Sigh.

Let’s start with the good news. The crew is making great progress on the floor. Admittedly, the tile is difficult to install because of its size (32 x 32) and the type of grout that we are using (epoxy). In addition to the second floor (complete), we now have tile in the dining room (complete), kitchen (complete), breakfast room (complete) and living/family room (just beginning this phase).

tile dining

tile living

The crew is working 7 days a week to get everything done. We also have doors installed to our master bedroom and in the master bathroom. We also have carpet for part of upstairs – the other half will be installed once the stair and railings are done.

carpet g

carpet gb

carpet hall

We also have a kitchen that is coming together…


Now…the bad news. The house is not livable yet. Sigh. On Thursday we opted to rent a storage unit to move our things into. This decision was made after a lengthy argument with John, but in the end, we made the right decision. So, on Saturday 3 Men Movers helped us move our world into storage.


The guys were great to work with. Although they were expensive, the crew was professional, helpful and fast. We would hire them again. In fact, we will hire them again we are ready to move our belongings into the new house.


We immediately checked into the Westin Galleria for an extended stay after our move-in was complete.

Details: We spent the majority of the week packing and packing. And donating items to Goodwill. We’re not hoarders, but we might be pack rats. Good Gracious.


The tension between our contractor and architect rages on. I know this is typical, but it is so cliche. And it’s also annoying. However, we’ve done our best to facilitate communication between the two.

Purchases: Knobs for the landing and an upstairs bathroom.

Challenges: Time — there isn’t enough. Our old home belongings are in storage and our new home isn’t livable yet. This is a very stressful situation.

Wins: We are still living the dream and realize how fortunate we are. We were able to sell our house very quickly and for a sizable profit – these facts are not lost on us, even at this stressful time.

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