Week Eighteen Remodel Update: November 30 – December 6

Progress: We are really cookin’ now, friends.  Every time I go to the house there is a major improvement. The latest change is the tile work that is being done on the first floor.

kitchen tile

kitchen tile 2

dining tile

We also have fans installed in every room upstairs.


We are making a modification to our stair plan…again.  We are tearing down the pony wall on the landing and will use a rail instead.  We are going with a horizontal railing, if permitting allows. Thankfully, we passed our electrical inspection last week. Amen. Now we have new electrical and breaker boxes throughout the house.

Details: The kitchen debacle is somewhat over.  Our contractor is giving it a go…so we will see how that goes.  I am hopeful.

cabinet wood

We are also in packing mode because we are moving on the 12th. I even took a week off of work to get organized.

Purchases: After a lot of looking, we finally purchased a bed for the the guest bedroom. And yes, it was on sale! I’ll post a picture once we get it set up.

Challenges: Time. We move on Saturday and close on Cliffwood on Monday.  All we have to do now is pack everything, right? Gulp.

 Wins: Despite the challenges we have, we are so excited to be in this position.


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