Week Seventeen Remodel: November 23-29

Progress: On Monday, John and I had a meeting at Elegant Additions. Elegant Additions is a great home goods store that specializes in kitchen and bath products. After scouring the Internet, we decided we needed to see products in person and my Brother-in-Law recommended this great, local store. We ended up picking out items for our master bathroom – medicine cabinets, sinks, faucets, towel racks, a towel bar, toilet paper holder, a rain shower head/arm, and a hand-held shower wand/bar. We also need some kitchen and external hardware, but we will go back on another visit for that. Honestly, it would be too overwhelming to choose everything at once. We had a great time working with an in-house designer at the store to make our selections.


Thanks to holiday travel, we didn’t make it by the house until Sunday. The primary focus for the crew has been working on the electrical components. We are upgrading everything electrical – hence the dangling lights, wires, cords and fixtures.


The guys also spent the week preparing our master shower, laying tile in the dining room, grouting tile upstairs, building shelves in George’s room, installing new toilets and installing pulls and handles in the office and laundry room.

house Collage.jpgDetails: The kitchen debacle rages on. SIGH. Someone swaddle me.

Purchases: None

Challenges: The Kitchen. The Kitchen. The Kitchen. Picking out remaining items. MOVING.

Wins: We are so lucky to have these first world challenges. Truly. We are very fortunate.

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