Saturday, November 29th

Ugh oh. We all slept later than anticipated and got a late start to getting up and going for the day. For the record, we woke up at 7:30 AM. Gulp.

I got G going on breakfast before making a mad dash to get dressed and to pack our bags.I am very particular about my packing and organizational processes, so sometimes these tasks take a bit longer than you might think.

We quickly said our good-byes and made our way to the airport at 8:30 AM. After we returned our car rental, I realized our stroller bag was missing. We went back to the car rental location and couldn’t locate it. We checked with my in laws and it wasn’t with them either. Bummer + Disappointment * Infinity. Our stroller bag is expensive and gives us insurance when we transport our stroller in it, so it was a let down not to have it.

Thanks to the missing bag debacle, we made it to the United counter to check our bags with no time to spare. After a quick pass through Pre-Check security, we picked up water and some contingency snacks before checking into the United Club for our obligatory diaper change and bag organization.

We didn’t spend too much time in the Club because this particular location is small, cramped and was not exactly warm and cozy at that moment in time. I know you can file this under “things that sound ridiculous,” but this Club location is old, somewhat dingy and not necessary a place you feel like spending some time. So, we made our way to the gate area after G had his fill of watching airplanes take off and land. We boarded without incident and took off just a few minutes after our scheduled time – right at 11:00 AM.

G watching planes at club

We upgraded ourselves for the return flight home and we were glad we did. We always enjoy the extra space and extra levels of customer service.

The flight crew served lunch on the flight and our choices were a Southwestern Salad and a Chicken Cilantro Sandwich. I ordered the Salad and got the Sandwich for G. But here’s what we ended up eating…fruit, chicken from the salad (the rest was hideous looking), the sandwich, and fruit I packed for G.


G and I also shared a warm chocolate chip cookie.


G read books, sang songs and watched some Mickey Mouse Club on my phone during the flight. I used my other phone to catch up on emails when I wasn’t watching CNN on Direct TV.

plane Collage

We landed without incident and our luggage was dropping down the luggage ramp as we walked up to our designated carousel.

We had a very nice trip to Arizona and we feel lucky that we were able to celebrate the holidays with the Arnolds. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

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