Wednesday, November 25th

Since I work from home, we rarely have occasions where the entire family needs to be up, dressed, and ready before 9:00 AM (don’t hate!). So, when we needed to be out the door at 6:30 AM to get to IAH for our flight to Phoenix, the mere thought of it was somewhat of a rude awakening! To boot, this was the busiest travel day of the year!

I woke up at 5:00AM and got dressed and ready. Then, John got ready while I watched over G and tried to keep him asleep. We woke G up at 6:15AM and we were out the door by 6:30AM. Amen.

We were at IAH by 7:00AM and were parked at a Terminal C, had our bags checked, and were though Pre-Check security by 7:30AM. I was so glad that we left early for the airport because we totally missed the traffic crush at IAH – the early bird gets the worm! To boot, United staff was positioned throughout the airport handing out small, free bottles of water. What a nice touch. After I picked up our emergency water provisions and John picked up his coffee, we made our way to the United Club by Gate 33 for our obligatory pre-flight diaper change.

W G at IAH

Pre-fight, G enjoyed watching the planes outside the gate window. He also entertained fellow passengers by singing his ABCs.

g watching planes

To our delight, we boarded and took off on time (9:00 AM). We used some status upgrades (I needed to burn) for this flight and all three of us were in first class. As always, it sure was nice to have additional space, more leg room, and a meal served on the flight.

For breakfast, we had a choice between oatmeal + fruit + yogurt or eggs + sausage. John and I both had the eggs + sausage + fruit and we were both pleased with our choice. I also had a cinnamon roll on the side. Even though he had already eaten blueberries, a cinnamon raisin bagel and some crackers, G shared some of our eggs + fruit + sausage. We have such a great eater!

break Collage

We are also fortunate that G is such a great traveler. He doesn’t make a fuss, is good natured and usually keeps himself busy throughout the flight. We think this has something to do with his personality + his frequent flier routines.

We landed at 11:00 AM, did a post/flight diaper change and collected our bags from baggage claim. I never check bags, so it seemed like it took forever to see our bags. We took the shuttle bus to the rental car facility, rented a Volvo SUV with National, and were at The Arnold Residence right at noon.

Once we got settled, we dove into a delicious lunch. Afterwards, G played with his new toys and rode his new bike. No, this kid isn’t spoiled!

g on tri

G and I took a three hour afternoon nap and it was glorious. Truly. We woke up and played with everyone before heading to In-and-Out for a delicious and casual dinner.


Later, it was time for baths and bedtime. Thanks to the time change, we were all very tired.

Fortunately, G is a really great traveler and he made the day’s journey not only easy, but enjoyable.


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