Thursday, November 27th

Even with the time change, George and I got a lot of rest and slept late. Amen! John was an early riser – too bad for him.

We had a casual breakfast with family before John, George and I went on a long walk. Since we didn’t think to sign up for a turkey trot, we walked our own 5k! Nothing like a fabulous walk in nature to reflect upon all we are thankful for this year. It was great to take advantage of cool temperatures, no humidity and Southwestern flora and fauna.

Afterwards, I got ready for the day while everyone played outside with George. I also put some time into helping put this impressive Thanksgiving spread together.

table 2


We had a really fabulous family lunch complete with lots of food options. Does everyone else’s family also overdo it with sides?! I’m not complaining, just curious. George’s favorite sides were the macaroni and mashed potatoes. My favorite was…everything.

my plate

After I helped clean the kitchen, George and I took a three hour nap. Well, he napped the whole time and I spent part of it catching up on news, texts and emails. Once he woke, George played with his cousins and I got dinner ready.

G and Grace

We had leftovers and they were amazing.

g eat

The exciting part about post-bath time was putting on the first Christmas pajamas of the season. Look, it’s Mr. Holiday Bonesies!

jamm Collage

We had a really great, relaxing and low-key Thanksgiving in Arizona. We are immensely grateful and blessed!


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