Friday, November 28th

G woke up at 6:00AM Arizona time, so our little nugget was just about on his normal schedule.

John’s Mom made breakfast for us before we set out for another hour walk. It was chilly when we started, but it began to warm up once the morning got going. We were definitely part of the #optoutside Black Friday movement. There is no fiber of my being that cared to stand in lines, fight crowds or shop picked-over stores. Call me lame, but I wasn’t feeling it.


After our walk, we got dressed and visited Uncle Scott’s new house. Then we joined my in-laws for lunch at Si Señor. This New Mexican restaurant is a favorite of the Arnolds and we eat there every time we visit Arizona.


The food is really delicious and we all enjoyed it, especially George. Our G TORE up his lunch and ate his fill of beans, rice, chicken tacos, salsa, chips and red chile. He also enjoyed the sopapillas and honey.

lunch Collage

After lunch, John, George and I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some groceries. To give my MIL a break, I offered to make dinner and I needed to get the necessary supplies. We also wanted to get some flowers for my in-laws as a thank you for their hospitality, so this was a great place to check everything off our lists.

Once we got back to the Arnold residence, it was nap time for George. While John took care of G, I camped out on the couch with my MIL. We talked, folded laundry, did some online shopping…but we mostly gossiped. Ha! Good Times.

After George’s 2.5 hour nap, John and my FIL took G to the neighborhood park and I got busy in the kitchen making turkey spaghetti, garlic bread and fresh green beans with pancetta. John’s brother, Scott, joined us for an enjoyable, casual dinner. We also had some leftover pie for dessert.


After a much-needed shower, we relaxed in the living room before I put George down for bed. An early bedtime was the perfect end to a low-key and casual day.


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