A Tale of Two Weekends

I know it didn’t exactly happen this way, but it feels like the weekends toward the end of October and most of November were, and have been, rainy and dreary. We spent most of those weekends inside the house trying to stay warm and dry. But, last weekend, the sun came out, the temperatures dropped, and we hit the streets to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

Last Saturday we went to George’s soccer class first thing in the morning, then spent a few hours doing chores in and around the house. Little G loves to help me with laundry and emptying his diaper pail, and I am trying to let him help me as much as he can. We also spent a few hours in our neighborhood park and a good 3 hours napping.

sat1 Collage

The next day (Sunday), we had our traditional big Sunday breakfast, then made our way to the Houston Zoo. We let G feed the ducks at the Lake before heading inside to see the animals. We also rode the carousel and previewed some of the holiday light displays.  The big hit of the day was riding the train through Hermann Park.  This was George’s first train ride and he LOVED it. I cooked a ham and a few side dishes that evening and my parents came over for dinner that night.


This weekend was great too. We went to George’s soccer class first thing on Saturday morning, then George and I went to Baytown while John ran errands in Houston. George and I hit up the Baytown Target, then made our way to the annual Star Bazaar. After picking out lots of tasty treats and picking up our chicken spaghetti plates, we dropped some meals/treats off at the Rosenberg’s house in Houston, then met up with John at Cliffwood for lunch.  George and I took a long walk through the neighborhood in the afternoon after a three hour nap.

soccer2 Collage

Today, we had a big pancake breakfast, then spent the morning at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS). This was George’s first trip to HMNS and we were excited for him.  He really loved the Butterfly Center – especially his opportunity to get up close to the butterflies. He also enjoyed seeing the Dinosaurs and was mesmerized by their size. Afterwards, we walked through the Centennial Gardens and had lunch at 100% Taquito, then spent an hour on a walk/time in the neighborhood park.

hmns Collage

taco Collage

After George’s three hour nap, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Little Gym earlier this evening. With two hours of extra playtime, three pieces of pizza and one slice of cake, Little G is sleeping like a baby.

luna Collage

We’ve had a lot going on lately, and it has been nice to spend some fun, quality time together as a family. We are so blessed.

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