Week Fourteen Remodel Update: November 2 – 8

Progress: What a week! The crew was very busy this week…and we have photographic evidence! The crew began installing the dry wall in the kitchen and breakfast room, and we expect the work to be finished within the next few weeks.

Kitch Out Wall

Our pantry is finally framed and has drywall. Instead of a reach-in pantry, we will have a series of cabinets and drawers. This will allow me to be very organized.


Our fridge and freezer will go here and there will be cabinets on top.

fridge freezer zone

The ceiling also has drywall – no more holes!


The guys also did some framing in our master bathroom – cabinets will go in across from the toilet. And they also framed and put drywall in the small master closet.

small MS closet

The work on the stairs has also begun. No more 80’s railings!

Stairs from BR

On Wednesday, our contractor, architect and cabinet designer/installer met to go over final choices and to take exact dimensions. Since our cabinets are going to be custom made, exact measurements are needed for the order. It should take 5 weeks to produce the cabinets…so it is unlikely that we will have them here and installed before Christmas. However, we are crossing our fingers!

Details: As I mentioned last week, we are under contract with Cliffwood. The buyer’s option period ended on Wednesday, but she requested more time (until Friday) to get organized. We agreed, very reluctantly, and the option period expired without real issue on Friday. I’ll share details once we close, but let’s just say that all cash buyers almost always act entitled during negotiations. It’s a good thing John and I know a thing or two about high-stakes, high-dollar negotiations, and high-maintenance/entitled people. The good news is that the sale will proceed and our next step is “closing.”

Purchases: None

Challenges: We officially have a move date.The house will likely not be 100% complete when we move in, but we will deal with that as we approach “Move Day.”

Wins: The contract to sell Cliffwood is signed and sealed. Our next step is closing on December 15th.

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