Week Twelve Remodel Update: October 20 – 26

Progress: Our contractor is on vacation, so there is no real progress on the physical structure to report this week.

Details: As I have previously mentioned, we listed our beloved Cliffwood just after midnight on Friday, October 2nd. Since then, we’ve had 22 showings, two open house sessions, and have been featured in the real estate section of CultureMap Houston. We had been casually negotiating an offer since the first weekend of our listing and we finally formalized the negotiations this weekend. In fact, as of Sunday, we are under contract. The buyer has ten days to change their mind…so we are crossing our fingers that doesn’t happen.

Purchases: 3 stools for the kitchen and a small sculpture for the living room. DWR was having a sale last week so we held true to our pledge not to pay full price for new items for our new home.

12 Collage

Challenges: Timing is everything and I hope we are able to move into the new house before the year is over. Fingers crossed! It’s going to be close — the kitchen will be the game changer.

Wins: There are two major wins this week: (1) Our house has never flooded, including with the remnants of Hurricane Patricia; and (2) We are currently under contract to sell Cliffwood.

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