Week Eleven Remodel Update: October 12 – 19

Progress: It really seems like this project is picking up some steam lately.The crew finished the beam work above the stairs as part of the stair renovation. Over the course of the next few weeks, the stairs and the walls supporting the stairs will be modernized. The idea is to open up the stairwell and to give it a clean, modern look. It’s very similar to the kitchen — we want to open it up and keep it modern and clean looking.

kitchen 2

The crew also made great progress insulating and putting dry wall downstairs in the living and dining rooms. These rooms look so much better with walls. Ha!

wall Collage

The next steps in these rooms include new paint and tile installation.  We will also have a custom entertainment center built in the living room and we will also take out the small wall adjacent to the entryway.

entry wall

The guys also did some drywall work in our master suite. Our closets have been prepared and we will meet with California Closets next week to get some quotes on organizational systems.

Upstairs, the crew did more coats of paint and they are getting ready to install our new lighting components.


In the backyard, our tree removal company finally came out and removed the Tallow tree stumps. It will be a while, but we will eventually have a pool cabana and outdoor kitchen where the trees once stood.

tallow graves

John did a walk-through of the house and project on Friday. Since I was out of town, I had to get briefed upon my return. The good news is that the project is on track.

Details: As I have previously mentioned, we listed our beloved Cliffwood just after midnight on Friday, October 2nd. We’ve had 22 showings and two open house sessions since then. We currently have an offer that we are negotiating. Please pray for us.

We also have some new shades of gray that we are considering for the exterior of the house. I know lots of these colors can start to look the same after a while, but we are seriously considering going ahead with two of these.


Purchases: None, but our contractor is buying lots of things on our behalf. Does that count?

Challenges: Timing is everything and I hope we are able to move into the new house before the year is over. Fingers crossed!

Wins: We are loving the progress so far. As it stands, the house is really coming along.

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