Weekend of Celebrations!

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend of celebrations in Austin during the first weekend of this month. But let’s roll back to Thursday (October 1st) first.

To pre-celebrate my birthday, I met John for lunch on Thursday at Ouisie’s Table. Nothing says “happy-birthday-to-me” quite like a plate of Ouisie’s chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and collard greens. Delicious.


We drove up to Austin early Friday morning (my birthday – October 2nd) and while John worked in his downtown office, George and I held down the fort in our room at the Westin at the Domain. We had a fun time together, including our Chick-fil-a picnic lunch in our room. As George says, “I like it.”

A_lunch date

That night, the Hunters hosted us for pizza and Tiff’s treats. We had a nice time eating, catching up and watching the kids play together.


On Saturday, we celebrated the Twins’ first birthday. I can’t believe these nuggets are one!


Nelda and Zach outdid themselves with their party.

bday Collage

We had so much fun, especially George!

busy board


At some point on Saturday, I either picked up food poisoning or a stomach bug. Blerg. After I put George to bed that night, I started to feel ill. Within a few hours I was full-blown miserable. On Sunday, I was driving home and puking into a cup. Lovely, no? Fortunately, I felt much better when Monday rolled around and we are so glad that we were able to spend time with family and friends.

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