Week Eight Remodel Update: September 21-27

Progress: I had a meeting on Wednesday with Kathy (our architect). We went over the latest revisions of the architectural plans and really focused our work on the kitchen. We made final decisions about cabinet types and placements. Exciting stuff! We also discussed external and internal paint choices and counter-top choices. Kathy showed me this counter-top option and I am in love. I took a sample home to think about it.


Meanwhile, our contractor’s crew spent the the week in prep mode at the house. This involves lots of leveling and smoothing out the floors.


I visited the house almost every day this week (usually it’s just to pick up the mail), and there is so much progress being made.


Our tile arrived and the guys have begun laying it in the bathrooms upstairs.


As they say – don’t judge tile until it is set and grouted. So, I won’t. But, I do like what I see so far.

The guys also installed new doors on George’s closet – they will be painted soon.


Also, the carpenters will add two more drawers to the middle section of the closet and install closet rods.

Details: So…let’s talk about those kitchen cabinets again for a hot minute. Kathy stumbled upon a potential kitchen cabinet alternative (as in, an alternative to IKEA) for us and I really like what I have seen. We now have bids for custom cabinets in the kitchen, living room, pantry, entertainment center, master bathroom and bedroom, and china closet from a company she recently identified. Both the cost and end-product are fantastic and this may be the route we go. We plan to see cabinet samples “in-person” in the coming days. So excited!

We finally chose an internal paint color, after looking at about 100 versions of white. Ha!


George’s room will have a gray accent wall (just like his nursery), but we are generally white-walls-and-art-work kind of people.

We are also still considering what to do with our fireplace.


We are keeping it (the wall is a structural need) and John really wants to paint it. We removed the mantle and bottom plank (that covered the brick ledge on the bottom) and so we pretty much have a blank canvas. We shall see.

Purchases: None- thank goodness. Last week was very expensive.

Challenges: There are so many choices…for everything. I have a feeling this will be a challenge for a while. See…I told you this would be a constant challenge.

Wins: We are very much enjoying this process!

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