Week Seven Remodel Update: September 14-20

Progress: Friends, we are finally making progress that I can document.

I swung by the house on Monday and ran into our contractor, Brent, and his crew. The guys were in demo mode and I was eager to watch, yet eager to get out of there. As you probably know, demolition work is dangerous and involves lots of exposed nails and sharp items. I also have a hard time processing excessive dust, so this was not an ideal environment to be hanging out in.

demo mode

We had a meeting on Tuesday with Brent, Kathy (our architect) and John (a structural engineer). We went over the latest revisions of the architectural plans and consulted John on a few structural questions. Of issue are the stairs and the kitchen. We want to remove the columns and upper beam in the kitchen, and to remove a side wall that runs up against the stair well.Here’s what the kitchen looked like during our meeting…

kitchen on tues

We got lots of options from John (the engineer) and now we wait for Kathy to sketch options and for Brent to price them. Brent also alerted the group to a potential problem – we need another air conditioner return added to the first floor. But where would it go? Good thing we had our architect and engineer there to brain storm. Problem solved within  twenty minutes. Amen.

The crew spent the rest of the week in demo mode at the house. The painters also began prepping walls and rooms for new drywall and tile. Here’s how things stood as of Sunday morning.

con Collage

My fabulous Dad also spent some time at the house last week working on our yard. It takes a village!

Details: For those who have asked, we still want to use IKEA for our kitchen cabinets. We love the sleek look of the cabinets we selected and hope to move the ball forward on that soon. However, first we need to have our kitchen plans finalized. Hopefully that will happen this week.

We are narrowing down external paint colors too. We are loving these colors right now…

colors we like

We also made final selections on toilets and ceiling fans this week. I also made final selections on a kitchen sink (Blanco Performa sink in anthracite) and faucet (Hansgrohe Talis faucet with sprayer).

fau sink Collage

Purchases: We bought a new breakfast table on Thursday from DWR. We have been on the fence about adding a banquette to the breakfast area, but decided to go with a larger table instead. So, we are trading our current 54-inch round Saarinen table for a 96-inch oval tulip Saarinen table.


We currently have 4 aqua Nelson chairs in our breakfast area, and we ordered two more from DWR this week. Our current breakfast table will now go into my office and serve as a work table. The new table will be the focus of our breakfast area.

breakfast area

Challenges: There are so many choices…for everything. I have a feeling this will be a challenge for a while.

Wins: We are also moving the ball forward on Cliffwood. We had photos taken of the house for our listing – which should hit MLS in a few weeks.


Let the stress begin! Here are just a few pictures from the photo shoot.

cliff Collage

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