September 7th

G woke up feeling better on Monday, but he wasn’t 100% better.

We spent a few minutes packing in the room before heading down to El Palmar for breakfast.

El Palmar

G was crazy for strawberries and breakfast sausage on this trip, but we tried to introduce something different (oatmeal) on this particular morning. He liked it, but preferred the sausage and strawberries.

After breakfast, we took a walk around the property, including the beach. Then, it was back to the room for more packing.

We made a quick pass through the gift shop at the hotel before checking out and heading to the airport. To keep things easy and predictable, we used the car service again.

gift shop

Thanks to my 1K status with United, Pre-Check and a larger than needed airport, we we checked our bags and were through security in no time.

After making our way through the duty-free maze, we picked up snacks and water for our flight. G also did some plane watching with John.

G and J watching planes

We boarded on time, but were delayed 40 minutes on the ground due to a maintenance issue. Blerg.

G on plane watching PP

Once we got going, we experienced some serious turbulence. It didn’t bother G because he was OUT for most of the journey.


Lunch was served – and it was heinous. My Cobb salad and tomato soup were horrible and I didn’t get past more than a few bites of each.


I don’t know is what happened, but everyone around me complained about the food. I wasn’t expecting Michelin gastronomia, but edible would have been doable.

It took us about two hours to get to Houston and about 20 for us to walk to Immigration, use the Global Entry kiosks, get our bags and pass through Customs. We were home in about another 30 minutes, thanks to the holiday.

Since we still had some afternoon left in front of us, we unpacked our bags and did laundry. Success!

We had a great quick trip to Cancun and are fortunate for the experience.

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