September 6th

There was a terrible rain storm on Sunday that hit around 3AM. The thunder and lightening were significant, yet I was the only one who woke up. Surprise!

Hours later, everyone was up and we had breakfast at El Palmar. I had an omelet and George had sausage and fruit. John enjoyed cereal, fruit and lots of coffee.

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying the pools that face the beach. These pools are very shallow and are completely shaded for most of the morning. G had such a great time swimming.

6 pool 1

6 pool 2

We also followed our swim, snack/Peppa, swim routine.

6 break with G

We were going to have lunch outside at the Sunset Grill again, but a smoker made that impossible. I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand smoke and certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed my lunch if I had to smell it for an extended period. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t want to expose G to that. Instead, we had lunch in our room. I ordered a pizza and it was pretty darn good. It certainly wasn’t fabulous, but it did satisfy my craving.  G had a wrap with fries, and John had a hamburger.

lunch Collage

We played a bit in the room and it became clear to us that G was coming down with a cold. He had a very slight fever and we decided not to push it with activities. Fine by me. While G napped on me, John and I watched bad television on the WB channel. It was glorious! George also spent some time playing with the balloons again – the gift that kept on giving!

6 in room

G woke up hours later and his fever was slightly higher. He was uninterested in dinner so we began rotations of Motrin and Tylenol doses. G ended up going to bed pretty early and slept like a little rock all night long.

6 g looks out

We ordered dinner to the room and to be honest, this was more about fuel than fun. I had a simple bowl of tortilla soup and it totally worked.

Afterwards, I went to bed early and was worried about George. We are so lucky that G has been incredibly healthy – it’s so hard to see him not acting like himself.

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