September 5th

We all slept like babies and slept in on Saturday morning.I guess we all needed the extra zzz’s?

5 break with G

We had breakfast at the El Palmar restaurant and hit the buffet hard. George dominated fruit and sausage and I had an omelet and green juice. Surprisingly, George wouldn’t touch the waffles, pancakes or pastries.

5 breakfast

After breakfast, we had some fun on the beach.

5 beach scene

5 J  and G on beach fave

Later, we set up at the hotel’s lagoon-facing pool. The pool was completely shaded by the hotel, so we thought this was an ideal swim/shade situation.

G and J in pool

Since we don’t like the idea of G spending too much time in the sun, we broke up the morning with a Peppa Pig video session and snack time. Both were done in the shade. Afterward, G had a great time swimming with John.

5 boys in water

For lunch, we ate at the hotel’s Sunset Bar. We accidentally over-ordered — when you are learning a new hotel, it can be hard to know what to expect in terms of portion size. But we all had a great time trying the dishes we ordered. Here are a few of our lunch plates…

lunch Collage

After lunch, we read books and played with G in our room. Then, we all took glorious afternoon naps. Followed by, snacks and football watching on TV. G had a blast playing with the balloons.

balloons in the afternoon

We ate at the hotel’s fine dining restaurant for dinner – Arrecifes. It’s not always a great idea to take your toddler to a nice place, but G is a good traveler/diner and the restaurant was almost empty. Besides, if he had acted up, we would have retreated back to our room. We didn’t need to worry through, G was quite the charmer. He had a great time telling everyone “hola!”

G at dinner

To start, G and I shared the tortilla soup. It was delicious.

Dinner Soup

If I had known the soup appetizer was that large, I would have made it a meal. For our entree, G and I shared an upscale fajita plate and John had shrimp.

dinner fajitas

We shared a dish of ice cream for dessert.

dinner dessert

After a day of sun and fun, we all fell asleep easily that night.

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