Week Six Remodel Update: September 7 – 13

Progress: We are currently in the demolition stage at Casa Contour. The process is ongoing and it is so fun to watch. It is also disgusting as you get to see what is behind very old walls and old carpet. Blerg.


We also had a lot of back and forth with our architect on revisions to plans for our kitchen and master bedroom suite. Thank goodness for email – I can’t imagine meeting every time we had a question, change or comment.

Our neighborhood had heavy yard waste pick up this week and we paid our landscaper to haul all of it to the curb. Then, contractors working for our neighbors blocked the city’s access to the pile and it didn’t get picked up. Sigh. We then had to pay our general contractor to haul it off. This is after waiting a month for the free city pick up. Sigh. This is a small thing, but it was very annoying.


Details: We continue to make lots of decisions behind the scenes. Who knew picking toilets and bathroom counter-tops was so hard? There are so many choices.

Purchases: None. How is this possible?

Challenges: There are so many choices…for everything.

Wins: Every decision we make gets us closer to the final product.

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