September 4th

Months ago, we planned a trip to Marfa, Texas, that would take place this year over Labor Day weekend. However, as the summer marched on, we decided we’d rather spend one last weekend at the beach instead of out in West Texas. We researched lots of options, including a few in Florida, California and Texas, but we ultimately decided on Cancun, Mexico. Believe it or not, Cancun was not only the cheapest option, but the least complicated from a logistics standpoint.

John had never been to Cancun, and I hadn’t been since my senior trip in 1998, so we figured this would be a good destination for us. Since our trip goals were to relax, spend time at the beach, and otherwise keep a low-profile, Cancun really fit the bill.

George slept in on Friday morning — I guess he really understood that we were starting our vacation that day. We tried to keep our morning routine as consistent as possible, and that meant waking, going for a long walk, eating breakfast and dressing for the day. After our routine and some last-minute packing, we were on our way to the airport.

Our trip to the airport was easy (I was on a work call during the journey) and before we knew it, we were parked at Terminal E, our bags were checked in and we sailed through security thanks to Pre-Check.

Although we knew we were getting lunch on the plane, we stopped by Subway to pick up a kid’s meal for G to supplement the snacks that we packed for the flight. G is crazy about turkey and cheese, so this was a good choice for us. We also picked up some bottled water because we never board a flight without a bottle for each person.

4 at IAH

We boarded without incident, but we sat at the gate for 40 extra minutes due to an issue with a passenger and some checked luggage. Since the delay butted up against G’s lunchtime, we were happy to have snacks and a lunch ready to go.

4 G onplane with toy during delay

Lunch was served pretty quickly on the plane once we took off and I had warm nuts, a roast beef salad, mushroom soup and plenty of sparkling water. They also served some mushroom soup for G on my tray. He loved the soup and kept on asking for “more hot.”

4 lunch on tray

We were also served warm chocolate cookies. Before anyone gets crazy and judges me for giving G a big cookie, the insides of the cookie are never fully cooked on these flights and I only gave him pieces from the outside edge.

4 g cookie

The Cancun airport is pretty large, but maneuverable, so getting through it was easy once we landed.

4 landing in cancun

We prearranged transportation to our hotel, and someone was waiting for us outside of immigration/customs. Our car ride was about 12 minutes to the hotel – easy, peasy. Check-in at the hotel was seamless and we were in our (upgraded) room in no time.

4 g in car ride to hotel

Someone at the hotel noticed that John’s birthday is coming up (it’s in our hotel profile), and our room was decorated with balloons and birthday decor. George was thrilled and couldn’t stop playing with the balloons. So, there was no nap time – just balloon time.

4 decor Collage

After a while, G and I went on a long walk to explore the property and to get acquainted with everything. Lots of pilots and flight attendants stay at this hotel, so I was able to get a lot of advice from them on how to maximize and enjoy our stay.

long walkCollage

We were really hungry when dinner time rolled around, and G was tired because he didn’t nap. We decided to keep things easy and ate at the hotel’s El Palmar restaurant. We ordered a fruit plate and steak and potatoes for G and he was very happy. John had flautas and I had a very simple pasta dish. All of our meals were good and we were satisfied. We shared a brownie and ice cream for dessert – G was tickled to get some Mexican vanilla and chocolate.

4 dinner Collage

We went on a little walk around the property after dinner and enjoyed the sunset.

4 sunset

4 sunset with G

I think we were all asleep by 9:30 PM — we were wiped out.

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