Week Five Remodel Update: August 31 – September 6

I know it must seem like nothing is happening with this remodel, but I promise things are happening and the pace is about to really pick up. Trust me, so many decisions have been made lately and plans are really gelling.

Progress: On Monday, we had a two hour meeting with our architect. She presented some plans to us, and we spent the rest of the week going back and forth regarding revisions.


We initially hired our architect to handle the design of our new entertainment center, master bedroom and bath suite and stairway revision. As it goes, we have added quite a few other tasks to her list, including tile layout, kitchen design, entry and front/gate door design, exterior paint color selection, closet design, etc. We are really glad we have her on our team – she is a great sounding board.

One major sticking point is the kitchen. Long story short: I want a cook-top on the island and our architect says it’s not industry standard. Also, our architect hated the IKEA cabinet layout and says it isn’t efficient enough. Sigh. I don’t want to be back at square one on this!

kitchen Collage

Details: We are still making decisions behind the scenes, and the most important ones are related to the kitchen. Well, this week, at least.

Purchases: None. Amen. However, here is a swatch of the pillows that we purchased last week for our living space from DWR.


Challenges: Wanting everything done now. What else is new?

Wins: No major fights between John and me regarding the remodel – we agree on most things. Amen!

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