Week One Remodel Update: August 3-9

As promised, I’m blogging about our new home (Casa Contour) as a way of documenting all of the trials and tribulations related to remodeling a home. Truth be told, it’s more exciting than stressful.

1 Collage

Stress Level: On a scale of 1-10…3.

Excitement Level: On a scale of 1-10…11.

Progress: Things got off to a rocky start on Monday when the title company called to tell us that they forgot to get us to sign and initial two forms last Friday. Sigh. So, John and I both had to make our way back to the title office to sign and initial a form. This may not seem like a big deal, but we both had very busy schedules that day and it was a headache. However, we also got the keys that afternoon, so all was right in the world. After dinner that evening, we all went over to take a look at our new home project.

On Tuesday, John met with our contractor to go over a few things in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the first pieces of the remodel to get rolling so we had a few loose ends to finalize before next steps can be taken.

On Wednesday, the crew began organizing things at the house and prepping the kitchen.

On Thursday, I met with our realtor, Robert, to strategize ways to prep Casa Cliffwood for a fall listing and (hopefully) a sale. Robert sold us Casa Cliffwood in 2006, helped us with the purchase of Casa Contour, and is naturally the best person to help us list Casa Cliffwood. Robert is an expert at selling mid-century modern homes and we are looking forward to working with him (again).

We visited the house on Friday afternoon and the crew was working on the kitchen. We showed the backyard to George for the first time and he was so excited. Agua!

On Sunday, John and my Dad had an outdoor workday to tackle a few unruly places in our yard. Specifically, we noted that some overgrown bamboo and shrubs made backing out of the driveway very challenging and it was time to clean that up. They put in a few hours at the house and made great progress.

Details: Since a few people have inquired, I thought I would share a few details about how we plan to use Casa Contour, specifically the bedrooms. Obviously, we will not be using all five bedrooms as bedrooms. Bedroom 1 will serve as the master suite, Bedroom 2 will serve as a playroom, Bedroom 3 will be George’s room, Bedroom 4 will be a guest room or future nursery (I’m not pregnant, but we’d love another nugget in the future), and Bedroom 5 will serve as my office (I work from home). Having designated spaces for play and work will leave the living and dining spaces for relaxing, fellowship and enjoying.

Purchases: home numbers (for the front of the house), play room items, new bedding and decor for G’s room.

Challenges: (1) We want everything done right now. (2) We always inadvertently pick the most expensive option available. (3) Our house truly is a construction zone. There are nails and spare parts strewn about the house.

Wins: (1) Most of the furniture we are eying will be on sale soon. We vowed long ago to never pay full price for appliances or furniture. (2) We finally got to show my parents the house. They think we are slightly crazy for taking on such a huge project. But they know us, so they know how great this will be once it is finished.

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