Casa Contour

The secret is finally out — we purchased a new (to us) home! After an extended “close” time period, we finally closed on our new abode on Friday. To celebrate, John and I had an over-the-top lunch at Ouisie’s after signing all the required documents.


We have spent the last eight weeks in negotiations that involved realtors, lawyers, bankers, insurance adjusters, insurance agents, contractors and FEMA. We have also spent more than our fair share of time doing our research on carpets, rugs, appliances, furniture, tile, flooring, paint and many other household items. I have also learned more about flood and home insurance in the last month than I ever thought possible.

Here are a few details about our new home – Casa Contour:

  • Casa Contour is a modern ranch home that is about 1.5 miles away from our current home.
  • The home was built in 1962 and we are the third owners.
  • Casa Contour is larger than Casa Cliffwood (we are gaining two bedrooms and one bathroom) and the new place will give us more room to spread out (5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms).
  • Our new house is in a great old neighborhood with mature trees, quiet streets, mid-century modern homes and excellent schools.
  • Casa Contour will provide us with a lot of privacy and space to relax.

Contour Front

We were not seriously looking for a new home when we stumbled upon this one. After a few months of casually looking at parts of town and neighborhoods that we like, we both looked at this house and loved the extra space, backyard and front courtyard, pool and location. We also really loved the home’s layout, character and potential.

outside Collage

So, here’s how the timing went down…

  • After a walk-through on Thursday, May 21st, we put a bid in on Friday, the 22nd, and were told on Sunday, the 23rd that our bid wasn’t accepted, even though we out-bid the other interested parties.
  • On Monday, May 24th, the epic Memorial Day floods came to Houston and the house took on 1 inch of water. This was the first time the house has ever flooded. On Tuesday, May 25th, the folks who had their bid accepted pulled out of the deal.
  • We did a walk-through on Wednesday, May 27th, and met the lovely owners of the home. Despite some mild water damage, we still loved the house and put in a new bid. The owners accepted and after a week of legal negotiations (required when buying a “damaged” home), we were under contract by June 5th.
  • We closed on our new home on Friday, July 31st.

We are very excited about our new place and can’t wait to move in and make it our own. However, before we move in and put Casa Cliffwood on the market, we will be making some significant renovations to Casa Contour. Some of these changes are required due to mild water damage, but honestly, most of the changes will be made based on our personal taste. Part of the first round of our renovations (there will be several!) includes a new kitchen, roof, master suite and bathroom, flooring, walls, etc. we expect the renovations to take 3-4 months. I know. Here are a few pictures of what the interior looked like pre-flood…

interior Collage

To keep everyone up to date on the status of the new house, I will do a weekly blog post on the renovation process. I apologize for being so vague recently on the blog about updates on the home-front, but we didn’t want to jinx anything. We can’t wait to share updates on Casa Contour. Here’s the first one:

Casa Contour Renovation: Let The Project Begin

Renovation Team: Obviously, John and I are leading the charge on the renovations. However, we have hired a general contractor (Brent with Champion Contractors) and an architect (Ann of Ann Heard Design). We have worked with Brent many times in the past, but this is our first experience with Ann. We are looking forward to working with both of them.

Purchases: Believe it or not…none yet. But we have done lots of research.

Progress: The house is very much under construction and looks it. I will take some pictures for next week’s post, but let’s just say that we are literally starting from the studs in many rooms of the house.  Exciting and scary.

Wins: John and I didn’t kill each other while looking at furniture on Saturday. Seriously folks, why is making decisions about furniture so hard?

Challenges: There is not enough time in the day. We really need to sit down with Brent and Ann and hopefully we can get that done next week.

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