Mom’s 60th Birthday

Even with a last-minute family emergency and schedule/location change, my family was able to get together and celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday over the weekend. Sometimes you just have to roll with it, right?

Mom's cake

As part of our celebration, we met up at the Rosenberg home for a delicious BBQ dinner (with all the meat prepared by my Dad!) on Saturday. We also cut into a fabulously chocolate-y cake from Whole Foods.

Mom Cake Collage

Mom really wanted a picture with all of her grand-babies to commemorate the occasion. The grand-babies were not cooperating (except for Olivia!).

Mom and Babes

On Sunday morning, everyone came over to Casa Cliffwood for breakfast. I tried my hand at being a short-order cook (it’s fun!) and prepared made-to-order pancakes. We had fruit, sausage, bacon and juice too.

Sunday breakfast

We also enjoyed watching the babies play together in our living and sun rooms. George was fascinated by the clips in Olivia’s car seat and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to make it “click.” It took him some time, but he got it!


…and Mom finally got the babies to cooperate for her picture!

 Mom Dad Babies

I am so lucky to have my Mom in my life as a mother, friend and Mimi (to George)! Happy Birthday, Mom!

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