July 9th

Another night of Deep Sleep for the Arnolds. Amen!

George is a smart one. While we were in Z, he adapted to our morning routine quickly. For example, he knew that Dada was outside drinking coffee when he woke up and that there was a basket of pastries waiting for him. Without missing a bit, George woke up in the morning, said “Agua” (a nod to the beach and pool), then raced to the front doors waiting to be let out so that he could have his pastries. This particular morning, George was treated to a lemon and raspberry bread.

At our formal breakfast, George had melon, eggs and bacon, and I had carrot and cactus juice with the “Mexicana” eggs.


After breakfast and a quick change into swimwear, we set up on the beach. Once we were settled, we took George on a long beach walk.

walk on beach

To his delight, the high tide created natural baby pools. This kid was overjoyed!

beach day Collage

Later, it was time for some Peppa Pig and a snack.


We had our lunch beach-side again. George had a hot dog, John had the chicken nachos and I had the Cesar Wrap (with grilled chicken) that Nelda had been raving about. She was right – it was delicious!

lunch Collage

After lunch, it was pool time. We walked over and logged some time in the pool with the Hunters and the Falks before it was nap time. While George snoozed, I hit the gym, showered and took a nap. It was wonderful.

After everyone changed and was feeling refreshed, we walked to the hotel’s La Marea restaurant for a nice dinner.

la marea Collage

We were a bit worried about how George would do in such a nice environment, but he was a perfectly pleasant guest like everyone else.

dinner guests Collage

And this is saying something since we had a 2 hour dinner.

G cutie

George had a fruit plate and macaroni and cheese, and John and I each has a pasta dish for our entree. John had the porcini pasta and I had the tagliatelle pasta (it was homemade!). Yup – just a bunch of carboholics!

dinner Collage

We completely over-ordered for dessert and had the profiteroles and the chocolate and vanilla semifreddo. Everyone enjoyed the sweets, especially George.

dessert Collage

For an extra dose of magic, Mother Nature provided this amazing sunset.

Sunset Fave

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