July 8th

I love vacation sleep, don’t you? I’m so glad George understands and embraces it.

We all woke up hungry, so we made our way to breakfast as soon as we could. Even still, George attacked his morning pastry basket that was delivered with our coffee and tea.


For our formal breakfast, George also ate cantaloupe, bacon and pancakes. As you might have guessed, I had the pancakes and bacon breakfast, along with a fresh juice. I really wanted a waffle for breakfast, but the hotel waffle maker wasn’t functioning. Sigh. Vacation problems. Ha!

After breakfast and quick changes into swimwear, we nestled into our rented beach bed and palapa. It was a cloudy morning and the breeze was delightful. The three of us spent time lounging on the bed for a while, before talking long walks up and down the beach. We met up with my parents and the Hunters at the end of our walk and we all decided to hang out at our palapa for a while.

cloudy beach day

We kept things very simple (and lazy) and ate lunch beach-side. George devoured a hot dog and fries, John had lobster tacos and I had chicken nachos. My nachos were fabulous, but I think my favorite part of the meal was the red salsa. Holy smokes that stuff was amazing.

lunch Collage

After the appropriate digestion time, we hit the pool for some fun with the Hunters. Little G had such a good time playing with Miss Olivia. I wish I had video of their interactions – so cute!

After pool time (and no meltdown when leaving!), we put G down for nap time. Instead of working out, I spent some time reading on our beach bed. It was glorious.

Shelly on Beach

My parents offered to watch G for the entire night (My Mom really wanted him to stay the night with them!), but we agreed on a just a few hours of babysitting. So, while my parents watched George, we slipped over to La Casa Que Canta for dinner.

Arnold usie

Long time readers know that this is a special place for us. For new readers, here’s the short version – we’ve been dining here since 2004 and we celebrated our wedding reception and part of our honeymoon there. The hotel is a stunning architecture and art showpiece, so it was a pleasure to be back there again.


We kicked off dinner with cocktails – I had a “Mexico Lindo.” For appetizers,  we dug into the bread basket and tomatillo sauce, and also had the tortilla soup (me) and Caesar salad (John). For our entrees, John had the Cochinita Pibil and I had the penne pasta special (But I had them make this Arrabiata-style). For dessert, I had the churros and John had cheesecake. Folks, this was quite a meal. Everything was perfect.

dinner Collage

Including the sunset and views!

dinner view Collage
It was great to connect with John and to have a fabulous meal, but it was also great to see G before bed. While we were out, my parents took George on a walk, enjoyed room service on our patio, took George to see the hotel’s parrot and gave him a long bath. Aren’t we all so spoiled? I’ve said it many times, but I’m so grateful for my parents and I am thankful that they let John and me enjoy a date night on vacation.

z sunset fave

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