July 11th

The waves on our last night in Zihuatanejo were massive. So loud, in fact, that they shook our windows and sliding glass doors all night long. George slept right through it all, but I was up every few hours.

When he woke, G raced outside to meet John for his daily dose of homemade bread. While John drank coffee and George devoured his bread, I finished packing.

Afterwards, went to breakfast at La Villa. I had pancakes and bacon, John had migas and George had oatmeal (that we brought from home).


I also enjoyed spending some time with my twin nice and nephew.  They are so adorable.


After breakfast, we hit the pool for about an hour so that little G could soak up as much sun and fun as possible. He had a great time. Afterwards, we made a quick pass through the hotel gift shop to pick up a few items for Little George.

G and J in pool

We spent the next thirty minutes in our room – showering, changing and double-checking all of our packing. Once we were all set, we made our way to the lobby where we met up with my parents, the Hunters and the Falks.

arnold fam viceory

There was a miscommunication on the hotel’s end regarding our reservation for car service, so we ended up taking a taxi at the last-minute. Because we had so much luggage (ha ha), they had to stack some of it on the roof of the car. Aye dios mio. I was so worried that our luggage was going to fall off, or that our car was going to tip over..or that we were going to be abducted. Fortunately, neither of those scenarios happened. As a silver lining to the situation, Little George slept on the ride to the airport.

g asleep in car

Once we got to the airport, we checked in quickly and made our way through security. We saw my parents and the Hunters on the other side of security and quickly made a dash to purchase drinks and snacks before our flight (we hadn’t had lunch yet).

Our flight to Houston boarded quickly and we were off before we knew it. We flew first class again (my parents were upgraded too) and we were treated to a glorious snack basket at the beginning of the flight. I’m also pretty sure I drank my weight in sparkling water while en route to Houston. Little George slept for the majority of the flight, leaving me plenty of time to indulge in my snacks, relax and to type out some trip notes and summaries.

G Collage

Once we landed, we made the long trek from the plane at Terminal E to Customs and Immigration. Lines were long and we were so happy to have Global Entry. We quickly passed through Customs and Immigration, picked up our luggage and made our way back to the parking garage at Terminal C.  At this point of the trip, we were thrilled to have George’s umbrella stroller with us.

G stroller

About an hour after landing, we were back home at Cliffwood.  Home, sweet, home.

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