July 10th

It was another morning of George attacking the bread basket and John attacking the coffee. Just another typical vacation day for us.

At breakfast, George was back on the melon train and ate a huge plate-full, along with banana bread and bacon. John and I had pancakes and bacon and I had another tasty fruit juice. Delicious.

After breakfast, we had a vacation miracle when John discovered George’s beach pail floating in the pool! We had been looking for it for a few days, and Little G was thrilled for the reunion.

Back in the room, we almost had a crazy accident while changing into swimwear. George was jumping on the bed when he slipped and was falling head first on to the tiled floor. By an act of God, I was able to grab him by the foot before he seriously injured himself. He was very scared (I was too), so hopefully we all learned something.

playing on beach

We spent the rest of the morning on the beach. Since the tide was high again, George enjoyed playing in the natural pools of water. We enjoyed playing with him and watching his love of water grow. We also watched some Peppa Pig while G enjoyed a snack. I also enjoyed cuddling with all the babies on this trip, especially George.

peppa time

We had another beach-side lunch. George had the kid’s burger, John had the steak tacos and I had guacamole and salsa.


Seriously – I made a meal out of the guacamole deliciousness.


After lunch, we visited the pool. The Hunters and the Falks were there so George had some extra playmates.

Afterwards, it was time for naps. While G and John rested/napped, I spent some time packing before spending some time in the gym. After a nice shower, I spent the rest of nap time, resting and relaxing.

We were feeling extra lazy when dinner time rolled around so we ordered room service. I had my favorite Greek pasta dish, John had a burger and George had the four penne cheese pasta with grilled chicken.

dinner Collage

Poor George didn’t feel well – he was suffering from a slight bout of tummy issues (he was OK the next day) – so we spent a quiet evening on our patio.

Sunset Fave 2

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