July 7th

Everyone slept well except for me. Boo! I was woken up by the massive waves crashing onto the beach. Even still, I stayed in bed and was totally relaxed listening to the waves (once I confirmed that the sound I was hearing was not someone trying to break in – mom problems!).

George enjoyed his pastry from the coffee tray and was mesmerized by the yellow color of his roll. We had such a fun time chasing G around the patio in the morning (okay…every morning!).

pastry Collage

We were the first guests at breakfast at 8:15AM. My parents and the Lears joined us on the patio after a while. I had eggs and bacon with a pineapple-carrot-celery-cactus juice on the side. George devoured yet another half cantaloupe and had some of my eggs and bacon. This kid is quite the good eater! He also shared my juice and downed a glass of milk.

mp Collage

John was so impressed by his omelet that he asked me to take a picture of it. And this is one of the many reasons why we are married.

break Collage

We rented a beach bed and palapa and invited my family to join us. We had a nice time relaxing, catching up and watching the little ones. George had a great time walking on the beach, building sand castles and playing with my Mom. He was so jazzed about the water and beach that he has another “El Rey” moment when it was time for a diaper change and lunch.

beach Collage

He was calmed within minutes, but boy was the meltdown tough. We had lunch on our patio and I devoured my Greek pasta entrée. This has been a favorite dish for me in the past at this hotel, and I was glad to be reunited. George had another large plate of cantaloupe and a burger and fries that he demolished.


After wardrobe changes and an appropriate amount of digestive time, we hit the pool for a bit of sun and swim. The Hunters and Falks were there, so we had fun with all the kids in the pool.

I was worried about getting George out of the pool for nap time, but a promise of Peppa Pig and a bag of Annie’s bunnies kept him happy and meltdown-free. Whew! With George down for his nap, I hit the gym, took a shower and spent the rest of “nap time” relaxing and reading. I really enjoyed these afternoons of “me” time and appreciate John’s help with this.

afternoon relaxing

For dinner, the Lears hosted everyone at La Perla – a beachfront restaurant steps away from the Viceroy Hotel. We have visited this place for lunch and beach chair rentals in the past, but it had been years since we had been there. We all had standard beach fare there and the service was good (attentive and efficient), but the company was better. This was a great way to end the Lear family’s last night in Zihuatanejo.

laperla Collage

It was drizzling when we left, so we retired to our room as quickly as we could. Once we were changed into pajamas, we all settled in for a night of great sleep.

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