July 6th

George slept in until 8:15AM. I think he would have slept longer, but he was starving when he woke up. I gave him a pastry from the coffee tray as soon as he woke up and he was a happy camper!

good morning

John left very early in the morning to go deep-sea fishing with Jim, Zach and Dennis, so George and I were on own for most of the day. After we got dressed, George and I had breakfast on the patio at La Villa. We sat by Nelda, the twins and my parents. I had the La Mexicana breakfast again, but spiced things up with the orange-pineapple-celery-cactus juice. George drank most of the juice – it was delicious!

breakfast Collage

After breakfast, George, my dad and me spent some time catching up on our room patio. My Dad played games with G and even helped me set up his new bubble maker.


After a while, I took G into our plunge pool. The water was freezing, so George wasn’t having too much fun. I ended up taking G to the beach, but the waves were too big and he was scared. So, we did the next best thing and headed over to the beach to visit Jennifer, Laura and the Lear girls for a while.

us Collage

The kids played, we chatted…good times had by all on the beach. We even took the kids to the pool before sitting down to lunch at La Villa (at the hotel). George devoured a plate of cantaloupe and some chicken tenders and fries, while I had a simple bowl of pasta with butter, cheese and garlic. George had fun playing with the Lear girls at lunch. So sweet.

lunch Collage

After lunch, George and I played in the room and relaxed before John came back. John and the guys had a great time fishing aboard “El Gran Jefe.” John and Jim each caught a sail fish during their excursion. If you are curious, John planned this trip through the hotel’s activities desk.


While John and George took a nap, I hit the gym for a quick workout. After a shower, I spent the rest of George’s nap time reading and relaxing. My book of choice? “The Opposite of Spoiled.” Such a good read.


We invited my parents to dinner and met them at La Villa for an early dinner reservation. I stared with the infamous chicken tortilla soup (it didn’t disappoint) and had the green chile chicken enchiladas for my entrée. Both were delicious. George devoured an entire half of a cantaloupe and a bowl of beans and chicken. Due to rain in the forecast (it was a light drizzle), it was hot and very humid. Because the restaurant is outdoors (covered, but exposed), we were all slightly miserable. John and George ended up leaving early and my parents and I pressed on to dessert. Why not? I had the homemade chocolate and vanilla once dreams. Both exceeded my expectations. Since the restaurant was running at full speed at this point in the evening, service began to slow and I retired to the room to help get George to bed and to relax.

dinner Collage

I think we all fell asleep to the crashing waves on the beach.

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