July 5th

Oy. Little George woke up at 3:00AM having what I will describe as an “El Rey” moment. He was crying and wanted to watch Peppa Pig. Once I gave in, he was asleep within minutes. So strange – this never happens.

morning view

While G slept in (thanks to his brief late-night wake-up), John and I woke up and enjoyed tea and coffee on our patio. So peaceful.


Later, we walked to La Villa for breakfast. George had the pancakes and fruit, and I had eggs with chorizo. I also had a delicious fresh spinach-apple-celery-cucumber juice.

break Collage

Afterwards, we set up a little compound on the beach with the Lears and the Falks. This was the view from our chairs on the beach.

beach seats

It was fun watching G play with the Lear girls.

kids on beach

G also experienced the ocean for the first time and LOVED it. He literally ran into the water and John had to chase after him. You will see that this will become a trend throughout the trip.

g in water with j

We ate at La Villa again – this time, for lunch. I had the chicken nachos and George had some penne pasta. After all of his playing, G was starving.


After lunch, we joined the Hunters in the pool for some fun splash time. Everyone had a great experience, especially the kids.


As the afternoon set in, John put George down for his nap (3 hours). During this time, I went to the gym, showered, did a bit of work and relaxed. It was glorious!

My parents invited us (and the Hunters) over to their room for pizza for dinner and to watch the US Women’s Soccer Championship. The pizza was great, but the game wasn’t on in the guest rooms. Whomp. Whomp.We ended up watching part of the game in the hotel’s Coral Bar before turning in for the night.


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