July 4th

George slept in on the 4th of July, so it was a mad dash to get everyone ready and to finish our packing before our departure to Mexico. But, right on schedule, we departed for the airport at 9:00 AM and, thanks to no traffic due to the holiday, we pulled into the parking garage less than 30 minutes after we left our house.

We met my parents at the airport, checked our luggage and passed through security within minutes. We passed some time in the United Club before meeting the Hunters and the Lears at the boarding gate.

We boarded easily and before we knew it, we were off. George was an angel on the flight and kept busy with the small bag of books and toys that I packed.

plane Collage

To be honest, I was worried about how lunch service would go on our flight (we flew during lunch time). In the past, it has been tough for John and me to eat at the same time because G always needed something or simply didn’t want to be in his car seat. However, this trip was different. George was very happy in his car seat the entire time and feeding him lunch was a breeze. He ate some goldfish while I ate warmed nuts and then we shared a grilled chicken salad and mushroom soup. Special thanks to the United flight attendant who was super attentive to us on the flight and gave me extra soup when he saw how much George loved it. We also shared a warm, chocolate cookie.

plane Collage 2

Once we landed in Zihuatanejo, we quickly passed through Immigration and Customs before meeting the driver who took us to the Viceroy Zihuatanejo. We shared a Suburban with my parents that I booked through the hotel. Because of a little bit of construction-related traffic, it took us 20 minutes to get to the hotel. Once there, we waited 20 minutes before our room was ready.


Once we got to the room, we all shared a nice snack of guacamole, chips, and steak tacos. Delicious!


After our snack, we enjoyed a bit of leisure time on our patio.


George was very excited about the pool on our patio and John took him for an afternoon swim. This kid did not want to get out and was pretty upset when it was time for dinner. Like father, like son. Ha!


We ended up meeting almost the whole gang (minus Laura and the Lear girls who stayed behind to entertain some more swimming) for dinner at Il Mare. As some of you may recall, this little gem is close to the hotel and offers sweeping views of the bay. We enjoyed great food and company. I especially enjoyed my entree (homemade ravioli) and dessert (chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream). The only negative I will mention here is that the restaurant’s high chairs were not functioning and were a little unsafe for kids. However, given that Zihuatanejo is mostly an adults-only environment, this is not a surprise…or a big deal.

dinner Collage

It was a great first day of vacation!

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