Seattle, Vegas & George

I don’t typically write about my business travels (I simply don’t have the time!), but I wanted to share a few notes about my hectic travel schedule from last week, especially how we managed.

I made a quick work trip (less than 24 hours) to Seattle last Sunday/Monday. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, but I have a lot going on at home and I had another multi-day work trip scheduled for the week. While in Seattle, I was able to make a quick jaunt over to Pike Place Market for lunch and to pick up a few pieces of fruit for John and George. Fresh cherries? Don’t mind if I do!

seattle Collage

I also had a Wednesday-Saturday trip scheduled for Las Vegas. Now, this was four nights away from home in the same work week and was a significant “first” for me since having George. I was really nervous about being away for that many nights in the same week and to leave my very busy husband in charge of George in the evenings. John is entirely capable, but that’s a heavy lift when you are parenting solo (fortunately this is not the norm for us) and trying to manage a demanding job. My parents unexpectedly offered to watch George during my Vegas trip and of course we took them up on their very generous offer. This was a win-win-win situation because my parents were able to spend quality time with G, I was able to rest easy knowing G was in good hands, and John was able to catch up on work and attend several early morning and late night meetings. Naturally, my parents enjoyed having George in their home and G enjoyed being very spoiled. My parents took G on his first trip to Toys R Us and spoiled him with lots of new books and toys. Clearly my parents are enjoying their roles as Mimi and Papa – G’s official names for my parents. My mom sent me lots and lots of pictures of G while I was away.

gCollageAs for me, I had a great time in Vegas and was able to mix a little bit of pleasure into my business trip. Highlights include seeing Zarkana, sleeping in the comfortable and luxurious Aria Hotel and finally getting a chance to eat at Giada’s. The icing on the cake was spending time with my bestie, Sally. We are so fortunate that our work worlds collide occasionally…and boy do we take full advantage of these opportunities.

vegas Collage

At the last-minute, I ended up moving up my departure time from Vegas by 6 hours and took a red-eye back to Houston. With a neck pillow, socks and blanket, the ride back was very comfortable. My first-class upgrade didn’t hurt either! I was able to eat breakfast with George and John on Saturday and that my heart happy.

 sat Collage

I can’t stress enough how fortunate I am to have my wonderful parents in my life. They really helped us out last week and we are so grateful for their dedication to our family. We love them so much! I’m also so grateful to have a very supportive husband. John’s love and support certainly make my life and job infinitely easier.They say it takes a village to raise a child and the phrase has never run more true than it did last week.

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