George – 20 Months

Timeline: As of Tuesday, George is 20 months old!

Whats Up

How We’re Feeling: The past 20 months have been fabulous, with the exception of a three-week window last month. I’ll spare you the details, but George had a very brief (6 hour) tummy bug and I caught a cold that turned into walking pneumonia and a brief ER visit. It took me three weeks to get well, but I am finally on the mend. George and John are healthy too. Amen!

How George is Changing: George weighed in at 21.7 pounds at his 18 month doctor’s visit and was 32 inches long. I don’t have the exact stats, but we’re fairly certain that George just went through another growth spurt. George is exclusively wearing 18-24 month sized clothing these days and some of them are already too small. Yikes.

George’s breast milk days are finally over. My freezer stash has been exhausted and George is exclusively drinking cow’s milk now. I am sad that this phase of our lives is over, but I am so proud of our journey.

George continues to be a great eater and is currently loving sausage, hot dogs, pasta, soups (all kinds!) and all types of melon. He sometimes eats so much at lunch that he falls asleep. Ha!

sleep at chair

George is still developing quite the vocabulary, but I have lost count of all of his new words and phrases. My favorite new words of his, however, are: “sun,” “Papa” and “Nana. ” George has also started putting two and three words together.  For example, he says things like, “Blue Owl” and “Mama’s Black Car.”  We love communicating with George and it is fascinating to watch him learn and expand his capabilities.

We still haven’t seen “new teeth.” We are currently still holding at sixteen teeth. Hallelujah!

George is still sleeping 10 to 11.5 hours straight at night and 2 to 3 hours during the day in his crib. He occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night, but George is generally a great sleeper.

How I’m Changing (Body After Baby): I am still down 85 pounds and feeling great.  More on this topic later. I still have lots to share here!

How I’m Staying Active: Running, walking and strength training are still my exercise of choice these days. I’m doing a new-to-me strength training program and hope to detail it in a blog post soon. I had hoped to post something sooner, but my extended illness forced me to stop exercising for a while. Now that I’m back in the game, I should post something soon.

G in stroller hat

What’s Keeping Me Busy: In addition to being a Mom, I am still working full-time (from home) and am traveling significantly for work these days. However, I am blessed to be able to see George when I work from home, and I take full advantage of this perk as much as I can.  I have also been very active socially (having more lunches and outings with friends), and have been busy planning and organizing upcoming family vacations.

What’s New with George: It seems like everything is new with George!

little gym

George graduated from his “Birdie” Little Gym class and is now a “Beast.” We are all still having such a great time in these classes and we are grateful for this outlet. We have also become friends with a few parents+kids from the Gym, so it has been nice to meet up with them outside of class and to see them in class every Saturday.

As I have mentioned before, George is a huge fan of the outdoors and spends at least two hours a day playing in our neighborhood park with his nanny during the week, and on weekends with us. I also walk George for at least 45 minutes in the morning, and we also try to walk in the evenings (as a family) before bath/bedtime.

G on chimpmunk

Recently, George has become a BIG fan of water.  We bought George a baby pool and he has been using it multiple times per week.

G pool

Nana and Papa Cruz also purchased a pool for George. As if he didn’t already love spending time at Camp Cruz!

with Mom

What’s New at Cliffwood: There is a lot happening on the home-front, but I don’t want to jinx anything.  More on this in coming days!

George – 20 months old

20 month

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