Mother’s Day 2015

A few months ago, John asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day this year. Given my hectic work and travel schedule, I told him I would be happy doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g. And that’s the truth.Then Nelda called and suggested that we all meet at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort for the weekend. Wait? What?! What a great idea!

Hotel Entrance

We drove up to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort on Friday afternoon and quickly checked into our room. We met up with my parents and had a nice, easy dinner at the Firewheel Cafe. Afterwards, we walked the grounds and ended up partaking in the s’mores activity by one of the fire-pits. Just before George’s bedtime, we met up with the Hunters and had a chance to snuggle with the twins.

Smore Pit

We all slept in on Saturday morning. Amen! We all had a leisurely morning full of playtime and babbling babies. We had a family breakfast at the hotel’s Firewheel Cafe before we went on a long family walk to explore the hotel grounds. After some more play time (George) and nap time (The Twins), my parents drove into town (Bastrop) and the rest of us had lunch at the hotel’s Shellars Barrelhouse Bar. After another nice walk and some time at the hotel’s playground it was nap time for all of the kids. Later, we all had a casual evening with relaxation and dinners. John, George and I were able to take in a bit of the Resort’s outdoor flamenco presentation – it was fabulous. George really liked the music and enjoyed naming the colors he saw. Afterwards, we took advantage of the s’mores activity (again!).

Sat Collage

On Sunday, we all had a leisurely morning full of laughter and gift exchanges. I am such a fan of Nelda and my Mom and I had such a fun time surprising them with gifts this year. In turn, Nelda surprised me by gifting our stay for the weekend. I know — too generous! My Mom gave me some great beachwear for upcoming trips and John and George surprised me with jewelry and a new bag. Honestly, while I am certain that I will enjoy the material items; the best gift I received was time with my family. Family is everything, isn’t it? Before we left the Resort, we had a family brunch at the Firewheel Cafe. We really missed the Rosenberg’s on this trip, but work kept them away.  Hopefully we can all celebrate together next year!

Sun Collage

Now, let me be very clear about the obvious here – I am a very lucky woman. I have a loving family, a wonderful husband, a beautiful child and together we have already had a lifetime of great and rich experiences. While we, and our lives, are far from perfect, we have always been there for the best and worst that life has offered. I am very proud of this because this often isn’t the easiest road to travel.

Me and G

Truly, one of the treasures of my life has been the ability to serve as George’s Mom. I love my son dearly and thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the wonder that is George. Being a Mom isn’t easy, but motherhood is the journey I have always wanted. I am especially grateful to have my Mom by my side – Lord knows I haven’t always made it easy for her to be there – and to have my sisters by my side as we learn and grow as Moms. Watching my Mom with George has also been another of life’s great treasures.

Mom and G

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too!

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