Hunter Twin Baptism

A pet peeve of mine is reading dated blog posts from other people. And look at me…a hypocrite! Sorry for the delay in posting lately – work and life are running at full speed these days.

We spent the weekend after Easter in Austin, Texas, with my side of the family. We drove up on Friday and met my parents for dinner at Serrano’s (just down the street from our hotel). We enjoyed a casual meal al fresco.It was a “salt-on-the-rocks-margarita-and-cheese-enchiladas” kind of night.

We had a very lazy Saturday. While the guys golfed, everyone else relaxed at the Hunter residence. We cooked, played with babies, napped, ate and went for a walk. My Mom cooked dinner for everyone. It was so nice to enjoy a casual home-cooked meal where I didn’t have to cook or clean.


On Sunday morning, we baptized the Hunter twins at St. Austin’s Catholic Church on the UT campus. John and I are humbled to serve as Olivia’s godparents.Julie and Ian are Elwood’s godparents.


Afterwards, the Hunters hosted everyone for brunch at Goodall’s at Hotel Ella. Everything was fabulous…except Georgie.


Poor George was having a moment and I didn’t have a chance to eat or take pictures of everything. The role of “Mom” always comes first, right? George ended up being okay – we think he was just out of sorts due to our out-of-the-ordinary schedule that day.

This was a very special occasion for our family and I am thrilled that everyone could participate in the joyous event. We had such a wonderful time in Austin.

And here’s one more look at our goddaughter on her special day…

Olivia Fave

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