Laid-Back Weekend

After a very rainy Friday night, we woke up on Saturday to…more rain. Boo. We made the most of it, and John and George enjoyed morning playtime (indoors) at the Little Gym. Afterwards, George and I made our way to Katy to celebrate the 5th birthday of a family friend. The Lears always do it up big for parties, so a fun time was had by all. Kudos to Laura for not only creating a beautiful “Frozen” themed bash, but for creating such wonderful handmade treats and memories for everyone. Georgie enjoyed eating Laura’s chocolate-dipped marshmallows and pretzels! He also loved playing with a stray white balloon. It’s the little things, right? We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening napping, taking a walk and enjoying a quiet dinner. With all the rain, there wasn’t much else we felt like doing.


On Sunday, we met my parents at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for a few hours of family fun. We had so much fun last weekend that we knew we just had to make a repeat trip. George had another pony ride, played with my parents in the petting zoo and “harvested crops” again at the Fun of the Farm exhibit. After about an hour of fun, George fell asleep. While he napped in the stroller, we explored the Rodeo.


And by explore, I mean…I had a corn dog, we watched a little Mutton Bustin’, shared a funnel cake and kettle corn and walked around the Carnival. Once George woke up, we explored some indoor shopping and visited some of the indoor animal exhibits.


After a while, we walked outside to scope out lunch options. Yes, we were still hungry. We ended up getting a mishmash of food options, including fries, nachos, chicken on a stick, sausage on a stick, chips, BBQ sandwiches, etc. And before anyone vomits, we shared these among four adults and a toddler. Okay, maybe that’s still gross. Ha! To top it all off, we shared Fried Oreos while looking for the best candy apples my Mom could find.


We spent the rest of the afternoon napping (surprise!) and G and I took a long walk. I also did a quick run to Whole Foods for some groceries.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend too. Best wishes for a great week!

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