HLSR 2015

After a few weekends of less than desirable weather, we finally had a weekend with gorgeous weather. And you know what that means, right? Time to hit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

G with J

Georgie rocked his new official HLSR onesie (I purchased it at Houston’s IAH), and his new Tom’s boots. Since we live 5 minutes from the stadium/arena, we didn’t have much of a drive. We parked very close to the stadium and made our way to the petting zoo as soon as we passed through the gates.

 G dubious

George was a little unsure about being so close to the animals, but he warmed up to them after a few minutes.

G chicken

It was so cute watching George pet the baby donkeys, goats, deer and pigs.

G with goats

Afterwards, we walked over to the pony ride area. I wasn’t sure if George was going to be able to ride (he’s only 17 months old), but the only real requirement is that kids be at least 1-year-old. Check.

G pony ride ready

To say that George loved this experience would be an understatement.

G riding 2

Even still, I loved watching him experience it even more. Sappy, but true. I cried happy tears as he rode Comanche around the ring.

G riding and holding on

Just adorable.

G riding and holding on 2

Afterwards, we hit the “Fun on the Farm” exhibit and George had a great time “harvesting” vegetables. His favorite part was getting a snack from the general store at the end. Naturally!

We did a little shopping before experiencing a bit of the infamous HLSR food. We ended up sharing chicken tenders, fries, a corn dog, a Frito pie and a sausage on a stick. I know…when I list the food out it sounds gross. But trust me, everything was amazing. Totally worth the calories!

tasty menu

We had a wonderful time at the HLSR. Even though I have gone to the Rodeo for years, this was clearly the best time I’ve ever had.

G llama and goat

Pro Tip: The Rodeo opens at 9:00 AM on Sunday. Go early to avoid lines and crowds and to get cheaper parking options.

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