2015 Your Austin Half Marathon

We spent last weekend in Austin, Texas, and had a wonderful time. We did lots of laughing, relaxing, eating…and Nelda and I did 13.1 miles on the streets of Austin.

bib medal

We drove up to Austin on Friday and checked into the W Hotel (located in downtown Austin). Since dinner time was quickly approaching, we made a mad dash to Mama Fu’s down the street from our hotel. After dinner, we walked over to Delish to pick up some desserts.


The next morning, we met my parent’s downstairs for breakfast at the hotel’s Trace Restaurant (they stayed in the room next to ours). We all exchanged gifts for Valentine’s Day (so fun!), then walked over to the Your Austin Half Marathon race expo. I picked up race packets for my sister and me, and my Mom picked up some new running shoes. Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel, but decided to explore the nearby farmer’s market instead of returning to our rooms. Since G was asleep in his stroller (he fell asleep on the walk back), this was a great way to burn some off some energy and to give him time and space to truly enjoy his nap.

J in stroller

After a while, and once George woke up, we made our way to Food Heads for lunch. We met the Hunters (including my adorable niece and nephew, and my brother-in-law’s sister) for a great casual meal. We were able to enjoy our meal outside because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We all went over to the Hunter residence after lunch for some downtime. We ended up enjoying an awesome pre-race meal on Nelda and Zach’s patio. Gosh, I just love eating outside. A highlight of the afternoon was watching John dote on the twins!

J with twins

The next morning, I met up with Nelda and we made our way to the start line. Fortunately, we only had a two block walk to get there from our hotel. We had a great time during the race — we laughed, talked and laughed some more. Before we knew it, we were crossing the finish line with a time of 2:07:22. We were both ecstatic with our time and pace, especially since this was Nelda’s first race back after having twins last September. This was also a PR for me at this race – my time at this race last year (my first race after having George) was 2:14:30.


After quick showers at the hotel, our entire family made our way to Lamberts where my parents treated all of us to brunch. So delicious. There is nothing like celebrating a race with endless plates of barbecue, macaroni and cheese, fruit, biscuits, and vegetables.The only people missing from our fabulous weekend were Julie and Ian. We missed them!

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