George – 16 Months

Timeline: George is 16 months old today. Where does the time go? Where did my baby go?

G rider blue

How We’re Feeling: We remain incredibly blessed — George, John and I are still very happy and healthy. We have had a very healthy and happy past sixteen months. Amen!

G with food in chair

How George is Changing: George weighed in at 21 pounds the last time we were at the doctor’s office (December), but I don’t have an official weight for him now. Unofficially, he weighs between 22 and 23 pounds, depending on when I weigh him. Let’s just say that G is getting bigger every day. George is still wearing 12-18 month size clothing, but he is growing out of them very quickly. And did I mention that G has big feet?


We are still breastfeeding, and are still deep into the weaning process. George nurses once a day (in the evening before bed) and eats solid foods four times a day (including a seated afternoon snack). We still have a very good eater on our hands. George is loving bananas, beans and berries these days — this kid can’t get enough!

G beans

In addition to these words, George now says:

  • Moon
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Moo
  • Dog

And those are just the words we can make out. But, to be clear, he says these words in “baby-speak” and most of the words don’t sound the way an adult would pronounce them. George is very talkative these days and remains curious about words and sounds.

George took his first steps in November (at 13 months old) and he hasn’t slowed down since. It is amazing how quickly he went from crawling to walking to running with speed. George also loves to climb and to go down slides.

MOm G slide

George has sixteen teeth. Sixteen teeth! The only baby teeth we lack now are his molars. Hopefully those aren’t coming in for a while.

George is still sleeping 10 to 11.5 hours straight at night and 2 to 3 hours during the day in his crib. He occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night, but George is generally a great sleeper.

How I’m Changing (Body After Baby): I am down 83 pounds and feeling great. That’s right — I have lost all the baby weight + 14 pounds. However, I need to clean up my diet. More on that later.

How I’m Staying Active: Running, walking and light strength training are my exercise of choice these days. My FitBit is part of the reason I am staying on track — I love it! My friends and I have been doing fun challenges with them lately. I am also training for the 2015 Austin Half Marathon and am taking things pretty seriously this go round. The race is on the 15th of this month and I will be running alongside Nelda.

What’s Keeping Me Busy: In addition to being a Mom, I am still working full-time (from home) and am traveling significantly for work these days. I am blessed to be able to see George whenever I want when I work from home, and I take full advantage of this perk. I try to have lunch with George whenever I can. I have also been more active socially, having more lunches with friends, and have been busy planning upcoming family trips.

G milk chair

What’s New with George: Even though the temperature continues to drop (then fluctuate back up!?), George still loves our outdoor walks. George is also still really enjoying his Little Gym classes and he has gotten very adventurous lately. That makes me nervous. Totally normal, right?

G  LG class

We also set up a play area that Aunt Julie and Uncle Ian gave George for Christmas. He broke it in by sliding down the slide head first.  Again, totally normal, right?

George also graduated to a convertible car seat and he loves it.

G car seat

What’s New at Cliffwood: I promise to get my act together soon and to put together a post on this. I am lame…but what else is new?

The Nursery: No update here, but I can’t imagine we will have one until George moves into a toddler bed (wait…what?!).

George – 16 months old

G Gate ET

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