Paris: January 1st

We all slept in on New Year’s Day. Before you say anything, we know how lucky we are that jet lag wasn’t really a problem for us on this trip and that we were all able to sleep really well. It was a true blessing. We had breakfast in the room before walking to the Pompidou. I had two of these babies because…why not?


I think the walk took us about an hour and was close to 4 miles from the hotel. I know this sounds like a long walk, but walks don’t seem burdensome in Europe. In fact, we much prefer walking to taking a taxi when we travel. Also, walking allows you to stop wherever you like, when you like.


We were given the VIP treatment at the Pompidou and went to the front of the admissions line. Score (again!). The French sure know how to treat mothers and babies!

Pompidou 2

We took in the Jeff Koons exhibit (it was fabulous!) before heading to the Museum’s restaurant for some lunch. However, G wasn’t having it and went into full meltdown mode. We got our food to go and left quickly, despite the fact that John and I really wanted to see the Gehry exhibit. But hey, that’s what traveling with a baby is about – going with the flow.


G straightened up with the fresh air and we ate our lunch as we walked back to the hotel. Once we arrived at our room, we freshened up before meeting our friends (Ken and Mini) in our hotel’s bar for high tea. I haven’t seen Mini in at least 18 months (we met in Houston years ago, but she lives in DC now), so it was great to see her and to catch up. Ken and Mimi got engaged the evening before, and it was fun to toast the two of them and to hear about their exciting plans.

with Mini

What wedding? George was simply excited about the opportunity to sample macaroons!

G loves sweets

After tea, we returned to the room and put G down for his long afternoon nap. Once he woke up, we ordered room service for dinner (I know, I know). Friends, the food at the hotel was pricey, but outstanding. Truly. Everything we ate went above and beyond our expectations. Since the hotel provided us with a high-chair in the room, it was so easy to stay in and eat delicious meals in the comfort of our own room.

After dinner, we bundled up and took a walk along the Champs Elysees.


We ended up walking towards the Arch de Triomph and taking a few (touristy) pictures.

G and J AdT

The weather was crisp and we had such a nice time exploring everything. Since there was no line to speak of (which is unheard of!) at Laduree, we stopped to pick up some legendary macaroons to bring home.

Arnolds on Walk

We all showered and fell asleep pretty easily that night. We had a great first day of the new year.

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