Paris: December 31st

We all slept until 10:00 AM. So dreamy. We ordered breakfast to the room and got ready while we waited for it to arrive.


Afterwards, we walked to the Louvre. The walk from the hotel was about 2 miles and we covered the distance in about 35 minutes.

M walking G

The line to get in to the Louvre was 3 hours long, friends. But we decided to get in line because…well, how can you skip the Louvre when you are in Paris? Although we have been twice before, there is always something to see. To our surprise, security let us skip the entire line once they saw that we had a baby in a stroller in our party! Score!

louvre Collage

We ended up viewing the special exhibits on Moroccan art and we were in and out of the Museum in less than an hour. We left the exhibit wanting to visit Spain and Morocco.  Hmmm….

We picked up some lunch at an internal Museum cafe before we left and we ended up picnicking outside in the Tuileries. It was cold, but sublime. Who doesn’t want to feast on baguette sandwiches, sparking water and macaroons with the Eiffel Tower in the background?


After lunch, we did a bit a more shopping in the Place Vendome area. The entire area was bustling with folks preparing for NYE celebrations, but it was still a fun and festive time to be on the streets. We walked back to the hotel after our shopping and Georgie took a long, hard nap.

G in stroller

We kept it very, very simple for dinner and ordered room service. Truthfully, I believe this was the most affordable thing we could have done, not to mention that there weren’t too many options available for families with very small children (who require high chairs).

NYE dinner G

After dinner, we went for a stroll and walked back over to the Eiffel Tower to take on the views and the very festive vibe along the Siene. We stayed for a while, but once the crowd thickened, we made our way back to the hotel.

NYE Collage

The hotel surprised us by gifting us with this fabulous “2015” chocolate creation. We walked into our room and found this waiting for us on our desk. Not only did this look beautiful, it also tasted delicious.


Although there was a pretty rowdy party going on in our hotel, we all managed to fall asleep (before midnight) fairly easily…and just before midnight.


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