London: December 27th

We all slept like babies on our first night in London. Amen! You never know what your body is going to do after being subjected to a major time shift, so we were pretty blessed to get a full night’s rest. In fact, little G slept the latest, until 8:30 AM (London time). We had a quick breakfast in the hotel’s “One o One” restaurant before heading out for the day.


The last time we were in London, Westminster Abbey was closed. So, as you might imagine, it was the first item on the agenda this go round. We took a 10 minute taxi ride over and G fell asleep halfway through it. I can’t believe it, but he slept through the Westminster Abbey experience!

Westminster Abbey

We waited outside in 39 degree weather to purchase our tickets, but the line moved quickly. No photography was allowed indoors, but let’s be clear – this place is gorgeous. I’m sure you’ve seen it in pictures or on TV (Prince William and Princess Kate were married there recently – no big deal!), but I’m sure they don’t do it justice. The history of the Abbey is amazing and there is quite a bit of history to take in.

outside west abbey

After a brief stop in the gift shop, we made our way (via taxi) to Kensington Palace. The former home of Princess Diana and Princess Margaret, and current home of Prince William, Princess Catherine and Prince George, was a great place to spend the rest of a gray and windy afternoon. George woke up as we were walking up to the Palace gates.

Ken Collage

We enjoyed the exhibits there, especially the fashion exhibit (featuring dresses of the Queen and Princesses Margaret and Diana) and a tour of Queen Victoria’s apartment. We had a late lunch on site before heading back to our hotel.

ken 2 Collage

After a brief stop at a local Waitrose (we picked up some blueberries for George) we nestled into the couch for George’s nap time.

London afternoon

After a two-hour nap and some downtime in our room, we made our way to Cafe Montepeliano for dinner. The restaurant was recommended by our concierge and was a short 10 minute walk away. The food and the customer service were good and they were very accommodating with George. For example, they not only provided a high chair for him, but they created a special kid’s sized portion of dinner for him and brought out his dinner first so that we could enjoy our meal when it came out.

dinner Collage

After dinner, we made another pass through Harrod’s. This time, the store was much less crowded and much more enjoyable. If you aren’t aware, Harrod’s is a legendary store that carries everything from high-end luxury items to specialty foods. This is definitely a place you have to experience for yourself because there really isn’t anything quite like it.

Afterwards, we all took baths and went to bed. Zzzzzzz.

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