Holiday Celebrations

One of the most fun aspects of the holidays is celebrating with family and friends. Since John and I have nontraditional work parties, we always enjoy attending more traditional Christmas parties hosted by our friends and family. It doesn’t seem like the holidays without a proper party, does it?  

This past weekend, we got our fill at the annual Lear Christmas party hosted by our friends, Dennis and Laura. Everything about this party was wonderful — the food, the guest list, the drinks, the ambiance, the discussion, etc. Laura and Dennis are very generous people and their parties are always a loving reflection of who they are. To boot, their home is beautifully decorated for the holidays. We had such a great time catching up with old friends. So much fun, in fact, that we skipped our second holiday party of the evening. Oops!

 lear Collage

On Sunday, I was super domestic and cooked a big luncheon for my parents and some family friends. I whipped up a roasted turkey, baked mashed potatoes, a kale salad, mushroom gravy, rolls, herb stuffing, a cranberry-apple pie and brownies. Well, I cooked the first three items and purchased the rest from Whole Foods. That makes the meal semi-homemade, right? Anyhow, we gobbled up our food and had a nice time catching up, eating and watching the Texans.

We had a really busy, but wonderful weekend. Special thanks to my parents for babysitting George on Saturday and giving us some time to relax and celebrate!

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