Hotel Review — La Posada de Santa Fe — Updated

While in New Mexico earlier this month, John and I stayed at the La Posada de Santa Fe. We had a great stay and thoroughly enjoyed the hotel. We have stayed at this hotel in the past, but this hotel is now a part of Starwood’s Luxury Collection. If you know how much I love Starwood, then you will understand my excitement about this.  I travel to Santa Fe frequently for work and pleasure, and I am thrilled that I can now enjoy the Starwood service and quality that I know and love when I visit.

I reviewed this hotel last year, but I thought I would give an update now that the hotel is under the Starwood umbrella.

LP Sign

Location — La Posada is located three blocks away from the Plaza and is essentially at the heart of Santa Fe.  The hotel is within walking distance to great dining options, shopping, Canyon Road and major thoroughfares. Additionally, the hotel is within walking distance to state government buildings — although I typically choose to stay much closer to them when I am traveling for business and/or if it is snowing during my stay. The hotel provides a free shuttle service to locations within a few miles of the hotel.  The service is easily accessible through the concierge or front desk and is very handy.

Customer Service — Service at the hotel is phenomenal.  From the valets to the concierge, everyone is friendly and more than willing to assist. We only had a few disappointing moments with staff, all related to the housekeeping staff. We received hit or miss service with housekeeping ranging from interruptions while the “do not disturb” sign was up (George was woken up by this four times) to less than thorough cleanings of our room. We also had some issues from housekeeping staff having very loud conversations outside our room/corridor at inopportune times. The hotel is too nice and the rest of the service is too great to be marred by such easily remedied issues.

Accommodations –All of the rooms at the hotel are unique and are decorated in typical New Mexican style. We had two rooms during our stay.  The first room, 254, was a disaster – it was dark and very unattractive.  The room was on the ground floor and included brick floors and an odd layout including an unusual step down — all inconvenient for a family with a small child. Because we checked in late and it was past George’s bedtime, we dealt with it the first night and asked to be moved the next day.  Staff accommodated us and we were moved to room 171 (pictures below – excuse the messy state of affairs) the next afternoon.  We really enjoyed our new room — it was was spacious, open, airy and full of natural light — everything our previous room lacked. The rest of the hotel is also well-appointed and includes a great bar, library, lounge and impressive reception area.  The hotel also offers impressive conference space that John and his colleagues utilized.

room Collage

Amenities — This hotel has a great deal of amenities, including many that we didn’t have time to use on this trip.  In addition to a hot tub and pool, the hotel has a great fitness center and spa.  Several free classes are offered through the spa, including the yoga class that we have attended in the past.  The hotel also offers two restaurants and room-service options. Every day the hotel offers several free activities, including some aimed at young children. While we were there, the hotel offered a wine and cheese tasting and s’mores by the fire.  However, due to our limited time in Santa Fe, we didn’t get a chance to take part in any of these offerings.

Member Recognition — Needless to say, I am thrilled that this hotel has been added to the Starwood portfolio. We weren’t recognized as Platinum members until the second day/night of our stay, allegedly due to a miscommunication with staff.  As Platinum members, we were offered $15 per person towards breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant — a nice amenity, especially for folks like us who were short on time and needed to eat quickly.

We will gladly stay at this hotel in the future and readily recommend it to family and friends.

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