Last Week in Santa Fe

We spent the majority of last week working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Miraculously, our work schedules aligned and John, George, and I were able to travel to New Mexico as a family.


The weather was amazing and the food was fabulous. Fabulous. Our meetings went well, despite a few issues coordinating logistics, nanny services and the time change. The devil is in the details, right?

We stayed at the La Posada Hotel, which is now a part of Starwood’s Luxury Collection. I did a review of this hotel last year, but some recent changes warrant an update. Look for an updated review later this week.

Since we were there to work, there aren’t a whole lot of fun details to share about things we did and saw. However, we were able to share many meals together and utilize a nanny/babysitting service. Here are a few details/notes from last week:


Here are a few notes about some of the places we ate at last week:


  • Coyote Café – Coyote Cafe is a block off of the Plaza and serves lunch and dinner. I have frequented the restaurant many times for work and John hosted a business dinner there on Wednesday night. The service is always great and efficient and the food is always delicious. I always order the lobster pasta with red chile and it is divine. Several of our guests also ordered this dish and were also pleased. My only complaint about the restaurant is that the tables are very close together and that leads to a a very loud setting. That being said, this is not a place for intimate or personal conversations. Because of the lack of personal space, we were unable to ignore the fact that Shirley McLaine was seated at the table next to us. We see celebrities every time we visit Santa Fe and I was pretty excited to see her.
  • The Bullring – The Bullring is a low-key steakhouse located a block north of the Plaza. It’s a legislative hangout during legislative sessions, so it’s safe to say I have spent many evenings there. On this trip, I had two business lunches there. The Bullring has great customer service, an extensive food and wine menu, an outdoor patio and the best red chile I have ever had. Ever. It’s insanely delicious. I’d highly recommend this place for any type of meal, business or otherwise. Because this place is slightly off the beaten path, you aren’t likely to run into tourists there.
  • La Plazuela – La Plazuela is located in the recently renovated La Fonda hotel just off the Plaza. John, George, and I had a fabulous lunch there on Friday. I had the green chile rellenos with red chile on the side and they were outstanding. So, so delicious. The restaurant is located in the center of the hotel and has a great ambiance. If you go, it’s first come, first serve for breakfast and lunch and reservations are recommended for dinner.
  • Luminaria – John and I have dined at Luminaria on past trips, and we stopped in on Thursday night for a quick and early dinner with George. The restaurant is located at the Loretto Inn and Spa and doesn’t disappoint. The new chef has introduced a new menu that offers many exciting entrees. John had the sea scallops and I had the pork chop with basmati rice and tempura asparagus. Our meals were amazing. Truly. I frequent Luminaria for work, but it’s been awhile since I experienced the dinner menu. Needless to say, we hope to visit Luminaria again soon as a family.
  • Fuego – We had breakfast at Fuego at our hotel every day and sadly the food was very average. Everything was bland and the menu was devoid of New Mexican specialties or flavor. On Friday night, Fuego catered John’s conference’s dinner and the food was lackluster. Everyone at our table complained about the food – it was bland, not cooked well (specifically steaks and fish) and lacked real depth. The only redeeming element of the meal was the s’more station that was set up outside by a roaring fire. I mean, who doesn’t love a good s’more?! However, the service at the restaurant is outstanding.


The lavender is in bloom and the landscape in New Mexico is always spectacular. Here are a few pictures I snapped while walking to and from meetings around town.

SF Collage


Upon recommendation from the hotel, we used “Magical Happenings” for nanny services for the week. This is a great service with great caregivers and I recommend them highly if you are need of a reliable and dedicated nanny or babysitter while in Santa Fe. We have no complaints from our experiences and I can honestly say that I didn’t worry when we left George in their care. The caregivers came to us and we used our hotel room as our home base in order to keep George comfortable and within walking distance to us. Please contact me if you want more details about this or if you have any questions about this.

Stroll SF Collage

We really enjoyed our time in Santa Fe and we were thrilled that we could all wake-up and go to bed in the same place. In the few spare moments that we had together as a family, we enjoyed walks through the Plaza with George.

We hope to return to Santa Fe (as a family) soon!

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