George is 1

It hardly seems possible.

How can this child…

First Pic

be this child…

g in g chair 2

in the span of 12 short months?

After this weekend’s party, we really wanted a low-key (actual) birthday for George. Once he woke-up, George opened his birthday presents from us (new toys, puzzles and books) and we played as a family before John and I had to begin our workdays.  George got extra snuggles and kisses from us all day and we gave him unlimited amounts of his favorite foods — blueberries and strawberries.We took a fun walk in the stroller this evening before celebrating with another cake.

1 cake

John and I consider ourselves very fortunate to not only be parents, but to be parents to George. We know not everyone is given the opportunity to serve as a Mom or Dad during their lifetime, and we take these roles on with the utmost dignity, responsibility, determination, love and devotion. While we are never going to be “perfect” parents, we are certainly going to try our best to give George the best life possible.

We love you so very much, George! Happy Birthday!

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